Boron- and formaldehyde-free products

NOVAMET 920 forms part of the latest generation of water-soluble metalworking fluids and delivers a demonstrably improved sump life, despite not containing any biocides. The product uses new types of surfactants to successfully prevent biofilms from forming, thus minimising consequential microbial contamination in the metalworking fluid. Machines and components are noticeably cleaner as a result.

Its exceptional run-off characteristics also reduce consumption, as the emulsion adheres less to components and chippings. This means less fluid is discharged from the system. The product’s excellent wetting properties also ensures improved lubrication and cooling capacity during chip removal.

NOVAMET 920’s exceptional stability has been proven during different inoculation tests as per DBL 6570. Tests with the Acremonium species fungi and the Pseudomonas putida bacterium did not show any growth 25 weeks after inoculation. This means there is no need to use biocides as a preventive agent. NOVAMET 920’s excellent skin compatibility has been demonstrated in BUS/TEWL tests.