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Welcome to the Oemetans

One personal question first: what did you want to be when you were ten? When I was little, I couldn’t decide between racing driver and pilot.

Obviously, neither of these happened. Instead, I run the operations of the leading manufacturer of watermiscible cooling lubricants. I don’t need either a racing licence or a pilot’s licence in my line of work. But my work is still essential for the automotive and aerospace industries, as the machines would go nowhere at all if they didn’t have coolants.

Our cooling lubricants find their way around the world from our corporate headquarters in Uetersen near Hamburg. We set up an international network with offices around the globe in order for this to run smoothly.

Even with all this internationality, one thing is incredibly important for us Oemetans: the team chemistry has to be right. We are no anonymous company and have kept things simple with 215 employees worldwide. Flat hierarchies, shared experiences and the freedom to contribute are therefore not empty promises here, but the key principles of our everyday work.

Want to bet that the chemistry is right between the two of us as well?

Thomas Vester
Managing Director


For our current vacancies please have a look at our German website.