Cool for Apprentices

Granted – at first glance, working in a coolant company doesn’t seem particularly exciting. But if you look closer, you’ll soon see that Oemeta is a well-kept secret.

Our apprentices are part of the team from day one. During their training, the young Oemetans get to discover all areas of the company and are involved in exciting projects from the start. If you’re looking to expand your horizons, you’ve come to the right place. Here, international contacts are part of everyday life thanks to offices around the world.

Included, not sidelined

We at Oemeta value familial structures whilst maintaining professionalism. Everyone here is pulling in the same direction. This also includes taking care of our new colleagues. We promote the talents of the trainees with a lot of practical experience and creative freedom. Who says that innovative ideas only come from ‘old hands’?

Training Courses

We offer in regular intervals following training courses:

Chemical-technical training courses

  • Chemical technician
  • Chemical laboratory assistant

In cooperation with Coverto AG in Brunsbüttel, we provide both training courses. The training courses take place in Uetersen at Oemeta and also in Brunsbüttel at Coverto AG.

Commercial training courses

  • Industrial business management assistant

Training program Oemeta


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Oemeta Ausbildungsberufe Chemikant

Chemical technician (m/f)

Please read more about our apprenticeships and current offers on the German webpage.

„Our department consists of 15 people. The atmosphere is like in a family and the ways are short. Good ideas are welcome and mostly they become reality. I like that!“

Peter Heinrich
  • Chemical technician
  • Apprenticeship at Oemeta
  • At Oemeta since 09/01/2007
Oemeta Ausbildungsberufe Chemielaborant

Chemical laboratory assistant (m/f)

Please read more about our apprenticeships and current offers on the German webpage.

„I remember exactly that day: Our teacher gave us a brochure about Oemeta. There were written: "We offer apprenticeships to become a Chemical laboratory assistant." Monitoring and finding out - that sounded good to me. Today I believe that this job will not be boring at any time.“

Claudia Wunnicke
  • Chemical laboratory assistant
  • Apprenticeship at Oemeta
  • At Oemeta since 09/01/2008
Oemeta Ausbildungsberufe Industriekaufmann

Industrial Business Management Assistant (m/f)

Please read more about our apprenticeships and current offers on the German webpage.

„The things that I learn in business school I can put into practice directly. For example, my course about business English. I can apply the useful phrases for telephone calls with international customers.“

Maximilian Schmiedel
  • Apprentice
  • Focus Purchasing Department
  • At Oemeta since 09/01/2011