Cool for Specialists

All fired up for innovation

Our cooling lubricants have proven to be unbeatable in all kinds of metal, glass and ceramics machining. The heat is on in our development department to make sure it stays that way.

The automotive industry, in particular, is constantly presenting us with challenges of ever-tighter processing speeds, innovative materials and specialist tools. But the bar is also set high for our cooling lubricants in other sectors. This is why we are constantly researching and working hard on tailor-made solutions. No wonder, then, that Oemeta only employs specialists – both in the research department and in the sales and customer service departments. Every one of us is passionate about what we do. And we all work hand in hand with our colleagues towards a common goal: being proud of our achievements.

From the ‘flat country’ to all round the world

Our cooling lubricants come from northern Germany – our customers from all over the world. Thanks to subsidiaries in the US, Canada, China, the UK, India, Czech Republic, Singapore and Poland, and to distributors in over 30 countries, our products really get around. Just like you! As a future Oemetan, you could go on exciting assignments abroad.

If you’d rather stay in familiar surroundings, you will find our headquarters near Hamburg in Uetersen to be a workplace with international flair.

Cool for careers and families

Oemeta is a family company – literally. Our selection of working time models offers a lot of room for balancing family and work lives.

For Oemetans, family values mean more than just flexible working hours. When one of us has something to celebrate, their colleagues cheer them on.

Sport is very popular with us. We don’t just take part in events like the Hamburg Cyclassics with our own cycling team, but we also support our employees’ various sporting activities, for example by sponsoring local clubs.


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Additional qualification

This qualification by UNITI-ACADEMY will be sponsored by Oemeta.


Cool for Engineers and Technicians

Our coolants are essential for ensuring our customers’ machines run smoothly. When there’s a problem, they need help quickly. Internally, we call the staff of the applications technology department our ‘fire brigade’. They are the key point of contact for all technical customer questions and often have to find solutions at lightning speed. Sometimes, ‘off to the aeroplane’ is the order of the day – for on-site assignments abroad.

There’s no such thing as ‘can’t be done’

Just like real firefighters, Oemeta technicians don’t work alone. A team of specialists works together on tailor-made solutions for our customers’ complex requirements. There’s no such thing as ‘can’t be done’ – to this day, our special forces have always had the right answer to every question. We are looking for your expertise to help keep it this way. Whether you can bring plenty of experience with you, or are fresh out of university – exciting challenges and collaborations with top professionals in the industry are waiting for you. You, too, will belong to this elite team after a short while – thanks to your own areas of expertise and research projects.

„I am one of the first people they call when there's a problem. And the one who delivers the solution. It's a great feeling!“

Ali Hashimi
  • Applications technology
  • Master of Engineering (master's thesis at Oemeta)
  • At Oemeta since 02/05/2012

What really lights your fire?

„At work? Everything! But tribology is my personal favourite.“

Oemeta -  Sales Manager / International Sales

Cool for Salespeople

Our products are highly complex. Customers don’t stand much chance of keeping track of it all without sound advice. As sales staff, you will be the link between requirements and solutions. This is why being highly skilled at dealing with customers and willing to become product specialists is part of the basic training for potential Oemetan salespeople.

We’ll provide the tools

In return, we’ll give you everything you need to succeed on your mission. Besides extensive training, this includes only top-notch products. There’s a reason why Oemeta is the leading manufacturer of water-miscible cooling lubricants. You will therefore begin your sales career with the best tools. Intensive consultation services including follow-ups will make you a welcome guest with your customers. Sales and technology go hand in hand at Oemeta. When customers express their needs and wishes to you, you will pass them on to your colleagues in the development department. This makes you an important source of inspiration and information for the products of tomorrow.

„My customers appreciate top quality and cordial partnership.“

Christian Weinert
  • Sales Manager / International Sales
  • Industrial Business Administrator (trained at Oemeta)
  • At Oemeta since 01/08/2004

What really lights your fire?

„Anything but boredom. Every day, there are new tasks, many new people with different attitudes, always new challenges. Just my thing.“

EHS Management/Research and Development at Oemeta

Cool for Chemists

Our customers’ machines are always becoming more powerful and their processes more specialised. Our research department always has to stay a step ahead of them.

The people working in our laboratories can never be complacent. Because standing still means losing ground. This is why Oemetan developers are always working on ever-better products. A high degree of independence and their own ideas are not just welcome, but expressly encouraged.

Innovation needs freedom

You have the innovative inquiring mind – we have the right environment! Our laboratories and instruments are fitted with cutting-edge equipment. You will work side by side with top representatives in your field and in close cooperation with your colleagues in Sales. This means you will get first-hand information on what our customers want.

And by the way: future-oriented work here also means conserving resources of all kinds. This goes far beyond pure environmental protection. Our EHS management department makes an important contribution to operational health and safety for our customers.

„Coolants? I had never bothered getting to grips with this particular material before. But today, I know coolants are absolutely everywhere.“

Dr. Ivana Fehr
  • EHS Management, R & D
  • PhD in Chemistry
  • At Oemeta since 02/01/2011

What really lights your fire?

„If I have the freedom to develop and present my own ideas, safe in the knowledge that they often become a reality. I can really put things in motion here.“