High-tech for high standards

Wherever there’s drilling, milling, turning and grinding, it gets hot. Oemeta coolants provide the necessary cooling factor to make sure your machine will run and run and run. Regardless of whether you’re processing steel, aluminium, titanium, ceramics or glass.

Universal genius

Versatility and flexibility are at the heart of mechanical engineering. Various metals are often used in the production process – from steel and aluminium to brass and copper. The cooling lubricants used have to be all-rounders that guarantee the best performance for every type of material procesing. That’s why our products are suitable for a wide range of applications, specifically:

  • A very broad variety of machines and tools
  • Numerous materials
  • Site-specific water quality
  • Specifications for surface quality and dimensional precision
  • Performance and long service life

For very special requirements, we can flexibly develop a custom-made coolant for you.


Ever-higher processing speeds. Innovative materials. Specialist tools. All this is business as usual for automotive manufacturing. And when it’s the heart of a car – the engine and powertrain – the bar is set particularly high. That’s why Oemeta has been developing custom-made coolants for the highly specialised production processes in the automotive industry for years. Kaizen, the pursuit of continuous improvement, is our guiding principle. We constantly improve our liquid metalworking tools so that your machinery always runs smoothly.

Maximum efficiency: our coolants’ long service life and high performance will increase your productivity and reduce your costs.

Precision grinding

Whether it’s optical lenses or ceramic hobs, residue-free grinding is essential for glass processing. Highperformance cleaning to remove micro-debris is also required. Our oil-free cooling lubricants are the perfect choice for this. They leave no trace on the glass – and your product can be coated without a hitch.


Modern materials play a leading role in aviation and medical technology. Titanium, magnesium or the latest composite materials – when it comes to machining, your workpiece needs the highest level of material compatibility and surface quality. Oemeta coolants make light work of these requirements.