OEMETOL 610 GT/A is a high performance cutting oil of the latest generation, based on GTL- oils. In the “Gas-to-Liquids” process synthetic base oil is produced from nature gas, oxygen and steam. The product is characterised by his particularly high flashpoint, extreme low evaporation loss and is recommended for demanding machining processes due to selected EP-additives.


  • Free from organic nitrogen, heavy metals, zinc, and chlorine
  • Very broad application area (turning, drilling, milling, grinding, etc.)
  • Suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Particularly high flashpoint
  • Excellent lubricating performance increases the machine productivity and reduce the tool wear.
  • Low emission
  • Very good foaming characteristics
  • Low misting



  • Applicationsunmixed as machining oil Viscosity 10 mm²/s
  • Compatibility of materialsSteel, Stainless Steel, Grey Cast Iron
  • Fields of applicationturning, drilling, milling , grinding


Recommended applications


High stability and free from foaming for tools with internal cooling. Long service life and high efficiency.


High stability and free from foaming for tools with internal cooling. Sophisticated cutting parameters and materials require excellent lubrication performance.


High dynamics requires good foaming characteristics . Depending on the turning process high demands in terms of material compatibility. Long service life and high efficiency.


High dynamics requires very good foaming chracteristics. High flushing power ensures reliable swarf removal. Very good cooling effect prevents workpiece burning.