OEMETOL 615 is a high performance machining oil based on high quality re-refining oils. The product is suitable for the demanding machining processes. Outstanding lubricating performance due to selected EP-additives ensures minimum tool wear.


  • Free from heavy metals, zinc, and chlorine
  • Particularly suitable for ferrous metals
  • Broad application area (tuning, drilling, milling, grinding, etc.)
  • Very good lubricating performance increase the machine productivity and reduce the tool wear
  • Odourless


  • Applicationsunmixed as machining oil Viscosity 16 mm┬▓/s
  • Compatibility of materialsSteel, Stainless Steel, Grey Cast Iron
  • Fields of applicationDemanding machining processes e.g. deep drilling, turning, milling, drilling, reaming, tapping


Recommended applications

Deep Drilling

Requires very high lubricity and good wetting performance. With internally cooled tools high stability and very good foaming characteristics.


Very high lubricity and good application properties for demanding tapping and threading processes.