REACh und Oemeta

REACh Objective

On the first of June 2007 the new chemical legislation of the EU has been coming into force. The target of REACh (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation of Chemicals) is an improvement of the occupational health and environmental protection level in the EU by determination, documentation and communication of complete toxicological substance data sets.

Application Area of the REACh - Obligation to Register

REACh requires the registration of chemical substances only – mixtures of chemical substances or preparations do not have to be registered. Products of the Oemeta Chemische Werke GmbH (Oemeta) are mixtures of chemical substances. The clear outcome of this is:

Oemeta products don’t have to be registered.

Impact on the Oemeta Product Range

All raw materials used in Oemeta products are chemical substances in terms of REACh. REACh requires that chemical substances, as far as they are marketed in the EU, will have to be registered within the next 2 to 10 years. This registration process might be very costly for the marketer, depending on the marketing volume of the substance. It is likely that a number of substances will not be available any more in the future, because of economic reasons. In order to avoid unwanted impact on the product range, Oemeta is controlling and monitoring its raw material portfolio. A close cooperation and communication with the raw material suppliers guarantees, that critical substances will be identified and substituted at an early stage.
REACh driven, quality relevant composition changes of Oemeta products will be avoided. Our intention is to keep the current product range.

Communication in the Supply Chain

Oemeta will record and identify the applications of the products at the customers – this will happen preferably by applying use and exposure categories. Because of close cooperation with customers Oemeta has a good knowledge about usual application scenarios. A special data collection at our users is not necessary. The information about toxicological and physical properties of the products will still happen by safety data sheets.

If necessary, Oemeta will additionally prepare and provide chemical safety reports.

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